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Hydrostatic Matrix Oral Delivery Technology

HydroMatrix™ is a platform technology for the development orally ingestible controlled release pharmaceutical dosage forms.

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The essential feature of the HydroMatrix™ technology is the utility of novel hydrostatic couple compositions acting in tandem to induce hydrostatic pressure within a matrix solid dosage form such as a tablet or pellet.


HydroMatrix™ is a novel concept based on the effect of a hydrostatic pressure modulating polymers within the core of the solid dosage form in which differential hydrostatic pressure is created by the interaction between two polymers (hydrostatic couple), which produces a release controlling pressure for zero-order release of the active ingredient. The understanding and controlling of properties associated with the hydrostatic couple facilitates time-release delivery of a wide range of pharmaceuticals.


The HydroMatrix™ technology accommodates oral control release of a wide range of drugs and beneficial agents whose kinetics are usually difficult to control and deliver due to high drug loading and highly solubility. HydroMatrix technologies are based on the active drug being embedded in a homogeneous mixture of two or more polymers referred as the hydrostatic couple components.


HydroMatrix™ based formulations can also be programmed to delay onset of drug release as well as deliver multiple drugs at different rates simultaneously. This technology is simple to implement, easy to scale-up, inexpensive and offers numerous advantages over other technologies geared towards similar goals.

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